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Best Time of Year to Sell Your Malaysian Home

There is not a home selling decision that came too abruptly nor too impulsively. Unless of course if you’re one very rich person who just buys and sells homes on a whim. Or some Hollywood big name or something.

Malaysian house

A nice house in Damansara Jaya which I brokered to sell last year.

But for the most of us, we are all tied to our homes and the debt that it came with. And selling it is a decision that’s just as big as the decision of purchasing it but mostly because the money for the new house largely depends on it too. That is why you have to get the house sold and have it publish in to PropertyReviews.my.

This is the RIGHT time

But did you know that apart from the how big and the how much aspects of the house, the when is also a big factor? Yes, the time of the year when you sell a house matters just as much in the success – or failure – of your house’s sale.
Not much on the superstitious and the psychological effect of the change of seasons in Malaysia, the time of year’s effect on the buyers’ perspectives is more financial. It’s about when they have the most money, when they have the least of expenses, and therefore, when they are most likely to buy a house from Mont Kiara, KLCC and Bangsar or etc.
And this can never get any simpler than this: sell in the months that come between the end of the school year and the start of it. And there are several good reasons why:


Good negotiation skills is necessary if you want to make it in Malaysia real estate!

  • Parents are inclined towards postponing buying the house to this season because moving is so much easier. There is no school to worry about, and most companies offer the most number of vacation during the Malaysia’s holiday season. Working parents can max out their vacays at this time of the year to help with the move.
  • And since the kids are out of school, the parents don’t need to worry about moving from one school to the next in the middle of the school year. Something that is inconvenient for the parents and may be stressful and traumatic to the children who would have to be uprooted from everything they are familiar about in such a sudden manner.
  • With kids out of school, the daily overhead costs of raising children prove to be much, much lower. And that can only mean a lot of extra cushion for potential buyers to spend on the house and the move.
  • Most tax incentives and refunds are released around this time of year. Not a few home buyers wait until this time of year to buy their house because the tax refund is a definite big boost to the down payment money. And that can only mean great news in the mortgage department and to you as a seller.

If you play your cards right when selling your Malaysian house during this season, you are likely to sell your house much more quickly than when you do it at a separate time. Just make sure that you’ve done your homework on the other aspects of home selling; otherwise, even the best house at the best of season would not sell as successfully. Good luck!

Avoid spending money on expensive improvements that potential buyers may not be keen on. they may not regard your new hot tub, water feature or designer makeover as a desirable feature, and they’ll assume you’ve added the cost to your asking price. So save the cash and spend it on your new home instead. See this article from Express.co.uk.

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Buying a Flipped Malaysian Home

Many big and small time contractors are getting into the flipped home investment these days. There are two likely factors that make a Malaysian house flipping very attractive to investors: one, if done right, the return of investment is faster than when you try to build new homes from scratch and sell it; two, it does not require as much cash as when building a new home. The fact that home flipping reality shows are making waves on TV these days makes it all the more interesting.

And so that practically explains why tons of homes in the market today are flipped. In so many aspects, it is a very clever thing to do – on the investor’s point of view that is. But what if you’re the buyer?
Will buying a flipped home be a good idea at all?


Malaysian House.

How House Flipping Works

It is never the same from one Malaysian house flipper to another. And the whole process also varies from one house to another. Basically, however, the flipping work is an overdone staging work. House “flippers” as they are called look into their low-cost house, check for problems – especially the obvious ones – fix them, cover them with fancy renovs and upgrades, and sell them about twice or thrice the original price. For the most part, especially if the work was done by a small-time contractor, the price is almost always lower than most other new homes in the market.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Flipped

The good thing about flipped homes is that they are usually much cheaper. And if they are made by reliable contractors, the repairs should be practically of the same quality if you had done the job yourself. It is definitely a better purchase than deciding to buy an old home and renovate it yourself. It saves you the hassle and the extra expenses that could incur from trying to do a project without the professional expertise to do it.
However, the bad thing about buying a flipped home is the fact that it is too risky. It could easily be just as risky as getting a house off an auction. See, because more and more small-time contractors do it, the quality of homes become highly questionable. In an attempt to get the most profit for every project, these contractors might actually end up cutting on costs and come up with homes in so-so quality. If, unfortunately, you get to buy one of these low cost homes, you’d likely end up having to spend on renovating and improving what the ‘flippers’ should have done themselves.

To know more, see this article from Marketwatch.com.

How to Buy a Flipped House

Buying a flipped Malaysian house is no different from buying a regular house like the condominiums in KLCC. To reduce the risks that come with buying flipped homes, you have to do a little bit extra research and you may need a little help. First, do a research on who did the house flipping project. This will give you a good idea on the quality of work done on the house. And as with every home buying endeavor, the services of a home inspector is always a necessity. Good luck!

You can also see my first blog post to know when is right time to sell your house.

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